Fluck 2007

Registration for Fluck 2007 is open.

European MUni-Trials Championships and Convention 2007 in Denmark
10th to 14th July, 2007

Start of Convention: Tuesday 10th July at 12:00 - Registration
End of Convention: Saturday 14th July after communal clearing-up and lunch at 12:00

The Convention will take place at our local school:
Hylleholt Skole
Dannebrogsvej 1
4654 Fakse Ladeplads

All Unicyclists from all over the World are invited, irrespective of age and sex. Children below the age of 15 should, however, each be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for the child.

Even though the best Unicyclists from Europe and America will participate, there will be competition and stimulation for all. As long as you are open for new adventures, this event should also be regarded as a challenge to show your ability to unicycle, as well as a social gathering.

A big inside Track will be built for the occasion. If any of you feel like coming before the event to help us, it will certainly be appreciated.

The following competitions will take place:
Trials speed
Stair speed
High Jump
Long Jump
Slow race
IUF obstacle course

Participation in the competitions is solely on a voluntarily basis.
Care has been taken to ensure that the Convention includes neither too few nor too many competitions.

There will be lots of time for social gathering.

Registration and payment
The registration can be done on our home page, and payment completed at the office on arrival.

Price and food:

The price for participation is 108 euros
The price for a day ticket is 35 euros

This includes a convention T-shirt and full provisioning during the covention, beginning with sandwiches on Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. and ending with lunch at 12 o´clock on Saturday after communal clearing-up.

Soft drinks, beer, and sweets can be bought at reasonable prices.

We can offer inside accommodation, as well as a camping site for those with their own tents, caravans, or autocampers.

Safety equipment

Safety equipment is to be used on all lanes.

Metal pedals are not to be used indoors

International Artists Gala Show
This will take place on Friday; the local population will be invited together with the Convention participants.

After the show, there will be live music with the band Excluded


There will be different distributors of Unicycles at the site.

Many greetings from:

Lone and Jens Skakon : +45-5671-7245 fluck@fluck.dk
Kristian Sommer : +45-2293-6325 kristian@unicycle.dk
Michael Christensen : +45-5671-6205 michael-c@fakse-ldp.dk

Sounds like an awesome meet, and yet again there is another comp far away from the New England area…

I’m deffinatly going, but one question!

The following competitions will take place:
Trials speed
Stair speed
High Jump
Long Jump
Slow race
IUF obstacle course

Any chance of a normal race 100m, 400m, maybe even 1500m? They’re not very hard to organise, and you’ve got slow race too :wink:
For the rest, sounds great! I hope food is going to be better than at Unicon



P.S. Anyone know what IUF obstacle course is?

What’s street? It’s hard to put just one comp with street, and by calling it just street is kinda hard to tell what street will be done.

-Shaun Johanneson

Last year we had 100 m, but not many people did it. so next year we will put more work in to the other competitions.

Street freestyle!?! better for you?

In the 2005 event the food was quite good, especially since lodging and food was all inclusive for the event.

I heard a lot about good food and a vewry good Situation over all at the last Fluck and I think they will keep the Satndard or improve it :slight_smile:
The Unicon food I test by myself and I think its nearly impossible to got worst :slight_smile:

Everybody I asked about Fluck recomand it as one of the best events over all.

I can’t wait, see you there!

If you don’t know what Fluck 2007 is, here is a video from last year.

already registered can any one give me info on where the nearest airport is please its gona be soooo good

Copenhagen airport!

about 80 km to the convention I think.
Trains and busses can be taken from the airport to the convention.

now the first 100 participants has registered for Fluck 2007. We still have room for 400 more.