FLUCK 2007 movie

Our movie from FLUCK is now finished, and online.
Running time is 20 minutes.

Unicycle.tv: Here, wmv DL link (330 mb)
Youtube: Part 1, Part 2

Comments are welcome. :slight_smile:

AWESOME-NESS!:stuck_out_tongue: Were there any old farts doing that level of riding…any at all? If so I’d sure love to see a vid!

great vid man, watching that makes we want to go next time around.



:astonished: Awesome vid! :astonished:

amazing video.
great quality, and editing.


that was so awesome, Fred.
thanks to everyone at fluck, it was so much fun.
i really loved our trampoline session, Fred :stuck_out_tongue: haha

That was an excellent movie!

Where did you find that trampoline?

At Rødvig camping…

cool videos, some great music (Rob D., RATM, Hilltop…)
the first part, of the youtube ones, was a bit boring. but made up for it in the second. bye

Great Movie! I enjoyed every second of it

I loved it! EXEPT of the part I was in hahah
It was the thing I needed right now,havnt been motivated to ride in a cupple of weeks now,great work man!!!