Flourescent rubber rim tape

Does anyone know where to get different colours of trials rim tape in the UK? all I have found so far are Koxx one rim tape, KH rim tape, and Onza… so red, blue, yellow and black. I would really like flourescent green though. Can you buy flourescent green rim tape?

I’m not sure exactly, but if you want more people to look at this thread and reply, post it in RSU. I’m not trying to be mean about it, I’m just saying, you’d get more views and replies faster.

Get some tape in the colour you want (doesnt matter what kind of) wrap it around the rim twice and put a normal rimtape on top

Should be like that then:

\--------------/ rimtape
 \------------/   coloured tape
  \__________/      rim

Hope you get what i mean. Its also possible to do 2 coloured, with fabrik and so on. It will add some weight though… not good if you are a weight weenie :wink:

ok, I think I get what you mean… will this work on my KH rim whith the holes on it? and nah, I’m not a weight weenie

i did a duck tape rim tape for my old trial uni, it has hole in the rim too, so yes it works with the holes.

Sure it’ll work.
This stuff is also only useful for rims with holes, otherwise you couldn’t see the colours :smiley:

haha… i have used ducttape as a rimstrip on an unhole-y rim.

You can use whatever you like as rimtape, as long as you put real rimtape over the top to stop the innertube coming through.

I have pink fluff in my onza rim at the moment so that it sticks through the hedgehog cutouts. It would probably work better in a rim with bigger holes though.