[Flips] Forgotten Footage With No Music

I was going to finish this, but decided to just put it up without music. Some of the background sounds are pretty funny anyway:p



haha i love the sound of flip tricks .

Your crazy… :smiley:

It was cool to see a video without music.
My favorite trick is the hack change. :slight_smile:

Nice dude, the hicktriple was super smooth :astonished:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I appreciate the comments

Nice tricks ;D
I’m jealous because you have the flip of the hicktriple sooo easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Hack change!? Wtf!?

When I saw that I was expecting a reverse backside bodyvarial flip.

That would be sick. I can’t even reverse backside bodyvarial anymore :roll_eyes:

Its not hard :wink: With my stance anyway. Easier starting normally, not in reverse.

hmm… like how Forrest did it in his summer video?

Don’t think anyone has done it on vid yet. And I won’t release it unless I think its worthy (down something or in a cool line).

Oh you’ve flipped it?


Yes and its not the trick your thinking about. I’m talking about a backside bodyvarial flip(just like a inwardbackside but without the spin, I can’t tell which is harder yet). The trick in Forrest’s vid is justa side bodyvarial.

awesome vid man! hick triple looked easy.

You did the hicktriple blind? or normal?

It was blind :wink:

I can’t even do hickdoubles regularly anymore :roll_eyes:

And thanks Forrest :slight_smile:

Isn’t the trick at 01:10 a hack change? Or is it called something else?

It’s a hackchange.

I said that, because it was very unexpected :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, ok. :slight_smile: