Flattened my seat and learned to rolling Hop in the same day.

Had the day off today so I decided to try and flatten my Nimbus Gel. My wife gave me the biggest pot that we had (a wok) and I proceeded to disassemble the seat. I boiled it in the wok for 8 minutes with the steel stiffener attached but no seat post. Then I removed it from the water and installed the seat post and clamped it flat to my bench. Two hours later I removed the clamp and it was fairly flat. Yeah!
I bought a $20 pneumatic stapler at Harbor Freight for getting the cover on. I tested it on a different piece of plastic and found the penetration to be very satisfactory, but while covering the real thing I encountered many jams. Not sure what I was doing wrong or if it is just a junky tool. The staple lock/slide would open unexpectedly and cause double feeds and failures. After I inspected the slide after every shoot to ensure that it was fully closed it worked a little better. Anyway I got it all together and it turned out really nice.
My wife (still learning) found it to be much more comfortable. She did a half hour practice yesterday and got three revolutions in several times:). After the practice she complained of some discomfort in her pubic bone area. She tried on the new seat and was excited about her next session. Awesome.

Later I went out in the driveway to work on learning to idle my Nimbus 26 Muni. I was not making much progress so I thought I would work on my hops. I would ride a few revolutions and attempt to stop with my chocolate foot forward and start Hopping and then repeat. One time when I was stopping I didn’t really come to a complete stop when I hopped and probably traveled a good foot when I came off of the ground. Mind blown! So I tried to reproduce the rolling hop and was able to do it every time. Getting up my curb is probably just a couple of sessions away. So Stoked.


Good work!

Do you think the rolling hop success was because of added leverage with the handle in lower position? That’s what I found with the NNC Flatfish.

Should have described my seat situation: The Nimbus Gel is on my 20" trainer and I put an Impact Naomi on my Nimbus 26".

I am really happy with the Naomi and I don’t think that it will require any modification. The Nimbus Gel however was ridiculous in the amount of upturn in to the genitals.

My success today with the rolling hop today was purely accidental. I had planned to learn it sometime, but I thought that it was pretty far away; just started riding 5 weeks ago.


Kerbs scare the pants off me at the moment, I haven’t managed to go down one without UPD, never mind hop up. Something I need to practise so my commutes become faster.

I’ll have to search for tips/videos.

Well done on the rolling hop, and poor man’s flatfish