I had one question.
Wich flatlandtricks do you know??

I know how to leg wrap, regular, reverse and opposite foot. I can do a superman. I just learned to do some basic crank rolling tricks and I’m learning how to do the leg around to tire to jump twist thingy. I can do a ton of seat drop variations. You can see most of them in this movie I made,
Seatdrop City.


what does the “superman” on a unicycle look like? I’ve yet to see this one.

you put your stomach on the seat, kick out your legs and hold the tire with one hand while outstretching your other arm.

I know mainly mounts, wrap around mount, jump mount, 180 mount, suicide mount.
Nearly able to 180 unispin and thats about it… need a new seat really, mines MASSIVE and really akward.:frowning: