flatlanding in my cellar

a new flat video of me!
i’m 12 years old here it is: http://www.unictube.com/view/64/flatlanding-in-my-cellar

please comment!

Wow, thats awesome. You have gotten a lot better, good job.

Awesome! You are so good for being 12! I was about to say something though about the triple rolling wrap but then you tricked me:D .

Raph you amaze me :slight_smile: keep it up!!

WOW thats cool nice work, and triple rolling wrap is funny :wink:

DUUUUUUDE :astonished: How can you be THAT good when you’re 12? :astonished: Very impressing!

the sex change and hickflip i thought were pretty sketcy but HOLYSMOKES that 540 was SWEET

Nice, thats some good stuff. Im like twice your age yet you can do twice as many tricks as me.

HOLY CRAP!!! you are so much better than me! i can hardly 180 unispin.

im 12 too

Wow… That word pretty much sums up this here thread. Those rolling wraps are as clean as ever, and that 540 was insane. Nice work.

Man this makes me mad that I didn’t start uniing really early.

Good work.

That was amazing for a 12 year old. I was thinking… “Here we go, another noob vid that does 180 unispins and a crank roll and calls it a flat vid”. but I was surprised. Your rolls are better than mine!(mine need some work).

I can’t see any videos in unictube… I don’t know why… Many people of the spanish forum (www.monociclos.com) neither can see them… :thinking: When I try to see one put this:
Fatal error: Smarty error: [in view_video.tpl line 224]: syntax error: unclosed tag {if} (opened line 221). (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 317) in /home/www/clipshare_2/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1088

:thinking: :thinking:

sorry by my English :o


Holy crap you good! i don`t even now a flat trick, but i like more street:p

Hello everybody! Raphael asked to me to upload his video in youtube too. I write the link of the same video but now in Youtube ( because Unictube doesn’t work to the spanish unicyclists that tried to saw the video in it ). I hope that the people who haven’t watched the video will enjoy it. A hug for Raphael and for all unicyclist.com!:wink:


that stuff was sweet! keep it up, you progress so fast that by the time yur 15 youll prob be good enough for KH factory team!!!