After my street vid…: youtube.com/watch?v=oX3aTIXsU3g
here is my flat vid :smiley:

next: trial vid :stuck_out_tongue:

Just getting better and better tim. The crankflip-crossleg HoT-uncross was awesome.

Whole video was sweet.
You just gotta work on making your flat a little smoother… The seat jerks around a little too much I think.

Tim, you’re a great all-around unicyclist :astonished:

In my opinion you have some of the nicest looking unispins out there :stuck_out_tongue: Loved the combo with the backroll-5spin and the wheelpose-3spin down. Awesome video, man.

very nice

nice riding…! I got a little bored after the first 1,30 min. I would like to see some more creative style from you! that would be awesome!! Looking forward to your trial vid :slight_smile:

nice like it :wink:

cool video, but i prefer your street video ;D
in this vid there was too much push&mush IMO.
i’m looking forward to your trials vid (:

yeah I know flat = boring ^^
I just made this vid to show you my flat ‘skills’ and because I felt boring :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the flat video more :roll_eyes: you have an cool style :wink:
i’m also looking forward to you trials video :smiley: