Flatland uni - nearly new

I’m selling my flatland unicycle, because I don’t have any time to use it. Most parts are really new and it was always ridden quite nicely. You can pick it up in Münster, Germany or I could bring it to EUC this january. I’m asking 200€ plus shipping if you cannot pick it up. Feel free to ask questions

-Koxx light wheel with purple rim
-Kris Holm 125mm moment cranks with rollo disks
-Impact seat
-Kris Holm post
-Animal pedals
-white Try All tire
-Kris Holm longneck frame (it was broken twice, but Buchi fixed it. I got it this way and I think it’s really stabil, because Buchi used it also some time.)


If you could go 200 for the whole thing shipping included to Canada, then I’d buy this

Is it missing crank bolts?

If you can do shipping to Canada, I would be interested though

Sorry, already sold.