Flatland Tire on KH20???

I have been enjoying flatland riding on my KH20 (wheelwalking, unispins, some jumps etc). I was wondering if I can put a more flatland tire on the 19" rims.

My Try-All tire is very knobby and is wearing down very quickly with all the twists and turns I have been doing.

Is there a more durable flatland type tire I can fit on my 19" rim?

Actually, I is a 20" trials rim on the KH20. Any suggestions?

Will the 20" tires on this page work? http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-hardware/tires-tubes-rim-strips-and-valve-caps?cat=188

Or can I only get trials specific tires?

nope, It’s a 19/mod rim.

Once your tire is pretty much worn out just shave off the outer knobs and you will have a nice shaved tire for flatland. That is what a lot of people did before KH came out with his new Flatland uni.

The KH trials unicycle has a 19" rim, the KH flat unicycle has a 20" rim. If you’ve got the trials then, last I checked, there are no smooth tires that will fit. If you really want one you could shave yours.