Flatland Notes

If any on the forum is like me, they agree that flatland is the hardest technique there is.

So the point of this thread (if it even survives) is to put out tips you’ve found helpful with certain lines.

I’ll start…

Today I wanted to land a double rolling wrap. I found that if every time, no matter what the circumstances, if I could get a the first kick of the second wrap, I’d get really close.
5 tries later, I landed it.

Edit: 4 minutes later and I landed another one

i think varialrolls and inward varialrolls are much easier to land if you put both hands at the saddle as fast as possible after the roll to do a roll rtick or a bodyvarial or spin to come out of the varialroll.
( i don´t do it like this :stuck_out_tongue: but i noticed that today)

Freestyle is harder IMO.


I think flatstyle is sick.

Why not just use the flat thread.


now it can die:)