Flatland freestyling

Hey there, for those of you who wanted pics of the coasting dealy, a couple are here: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albun71 . Movies and more pics to come soon.

An of course comments are welcome.

Great stuff! I was very impressed when you gapped those steps on the second to last video. Your psyched me out totally! I’ll be getting my profiles this Monday and I need the inspiration. What kind of uni are you riding there? It looks like a 24". Am I right?

Thanks for posting. I can’t wait for more.


It is indeed a 24. My dad made the from from CrMo tubing, but I think i may have bent it a little, the wheel isnt centered anymore.
I think next spring im going to learn to weld and make myself a new one, using sifferent tubing.

I would have responded sooner but my network card died, and havent been able to get the new one working yet. (this is from my brothers comp)