Flatland and Koxx-one

Don’t fell up to it. Don’t know what too do. Would If I could/ If I tried I would mess up and make it look worse =[

You could just blast it off and try again.

Or you pay somebody pro to do it for you.

yeah wouldn’t recomend home made powdercoat… and spray paint is ok but really no where near as good as a pro job

Who like? Someone I know or a guy at a Bike Shop?

hey, i pesonally dont think this is true. there are two reasons why you buy a unycycle

  1. strong, good quality etc
  2. the color.
    u may have the strongest and most capable unicycle on earth, but what if the whole thing is just steel, no color at all? just my opinion

oh, and i also think the kh is the better option, unless you are looking for 2 unicycles like if u were a pro and wanted 2 for specific times and places.