Flatland and Koxx-one

Koxx-One Alien Backflip
In AUD, the Koxx-one Alien Backflip unicycle is $1,035.00. Is this unicycle worth the money. Who has one and what do you think of it? Are the K1 cranks good for flatland?

Trials: K1 Flight Unicycles (Green and Pink)
What are these unicycles like when riding…

What is the comparison between the K1 Flight Trials and the KH 20 Trials. What are the disadvantages and advantages of these unicycles if compared to eachother? What’s you personal Opinion, is green or pink look more appealing?

Crank Compatibility
Will KH Moments 125mm or 137s fit on a K1 hub? (ISIS)
what about K1 cranks on a KH hub? Nimbus hub? (ISIS)

Xavier Collos - Naming flatland tricks

What are all the flatland tricks and combos called in this video? (I need more knowledge on flatland tricks).

Why is Koxx-one so expensive?

Omg! That is way expensive, specially with our currencies being so close to each other. I think you can order from over seas and with shipping, it will be cheaper than the $1k price tag. Be worth looking into that.

Anyways, the backflip is a good flat and street uni. The cranks are very good for flat as there is lots of room to stand on, much like Profile cranks. Can be used for trials too.

Those flights look like basic devils with some extra bling. So basically an all-around unicycle. Some people dont like the frame design. I personally have never had a problem with a frame design like that. The real difference that I see and like are the double-butted spokes.

I wont comment on the fitting of different ISIS parts. Ive heard and seen too much to give a sure fact about it now. I also wont comment about the color, cause that is going to be up to you.

Im also bad with flatland trick knowledge, and I dont see why Koxx is that expensive for you.


$1035 for a unicycle sure does seem alot for a unicycle. And I’m only 13 so getting the money…but if my busking goes well on my 3-wheeled unicycle maybe i will rake in double the money.

I don’t think you really need a dedicated flat uni yet. You already have a KH which (shown by Spencer) is pretty awesome for flatland.

The rollo-discs (when they come out) will be a lot cheaper than a whole new uni. So get those if you really want to get serious about flat.

I know, the KH Trials is very good, but the K1 Flight unicycles are sending me messages from the spirit telling me to get it. It look so good, I can’t not get it! I spend all my busking and pocket money on unicycles.

And I really dont know what rollo-discs are

hey, I’m getting a flight green when as unicycle.com.au opens. I’m not sure what type of unicycling I’ll get into so I chose an all rounder. Hopefully it is the right choice!

Hey that’S COOL! Tell me when you get it and what colour you getting?

if you allready have a kh trials there really isn’t much point. but I’m guessing you want one cause they look nice.

Maybe try and borrow one before buying because you might find it’s really not all that different to the KH. also the koxx street cranks and drilled rims have been proven to not be that strong over and over again.


Yes I want one because they look surpreme.
And well, for the cranks, If there ISIS they shouldnt be too bad. What would you call too agressive that it will loosen or damage the cranks?

just because they are isis doesn’t mean they are particularly strong. People have reported bending/breaking them quite a lot. But i don’t know i don’t own a pair.

if you’re pretty light and don’t do too much big stuff thye should last ok though.

Still recon getting a uni just because of looks is silly though

You could just powdercoat your KH and have a way better (and cheaper) good looking uni.

Yeah I totally agree. KH’s are way better, and it’s still probably cheaper to buy a KH and get parts powdercoated than get a k1. If you really need better cranks for flat get qu-ax cromo ones or wait for the rollo disks for moments.

griptape is also another big but cheap upgrade to your cranks that helps with flat a lot.

I’m not only buying it because of the look, because I can’t find a better all rounder unicycle.

KH is the BEST allrounder uni…

Koxx has a flat, a street and a trials uni… Koxx is specialised, KH is the allrounder.

oh ok, what type of KH?

Depends on how tall you are:

Longneck or normal trials version.

kh08 trials version is what you want. :wink: oh and powdercoat it sparkly pink then it will look awesome.

if you’re 12 - assuming your age in your profile is correct - likely the longneck will mean you can’t have the seat as low as you will likely want it for some things. - does that make sense?

Depending on HER (I think) I don’t think she would reach the pedals comfortably because my friend has a long-neck frame at its lowest height and at first (grown now =]) it was terrible.