flat unicycle tires/ shaved

I am thinking about either shaving my tires or getting new flat ones. so far i think that getting flat ones is smarter but i cant find any in my size (2.25)

I have a 20" street torker unicycle. any help would be greatly appriciated.

if you reccomend a certain tire pleas leave a link if you can :slight_smile:

In the future it’d be best to not make multiple threads of similar topics. And try the search feature first, both these topics have come up several times.

The DX uses a 19" tire just like the KH 20 trials. (Or are u talking about a LX?) I know it doesn’t make sense that they call trials unis 20’s and adds to the confusion. Only trials tires fit. Some say they are 20", but these also stipulate they won’t fit on a regular 20" rim.

From what I’ve read the Try-all by far responds best to shaving.

I’m unaware of the most common BMX tires used for flat but qualities are smoothish tread, I think most prefer a wider tire w/ not too soft sidewalls. If I remember correctly the Schwalbe Big Apple 20x2.35 is among them.