[Flat/Tramp] Noontime Edit

Enjoy :smiley:

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gotta b honest i just skipped thru the tramp parts but,

dang that was sick. you’re good as hell.

edit: that’s it. your vid has officially motivated me, i must start learning flat. tomorrow.

Your style is awesome, you’re really good now.

Loved the little tire tap things in between rolls. Great video.

Awesome video. You improved so much since euc :wink: and your style is really cool. Treydouble was clean :roll_eyes:

Sick vid man. Was the first trampoline trick a kangaroo flip? The last 540 was sweet too. Dunno what it’s called.

Awesome Mikiah !!
I look forward to riding with you

Damn… you’ve got style, man. I loved the footjam-540. Sick combos too, nice to see footjams in between rolls, rather than hopping on tire.

edit: You’re coming to NAUCC, right?

awesome vid Mikai !!
very clean fifthflip and 7spin + the footjam-540 was insane!!
I also like the mix with trampoline … :roll_eyes:

are you coming to the EUC summer edition?

The triple full was crazy, even if it wasn’t straight. I should start getting into twists.

As for the unicycle part, it was really cool, but the flat got boring after 1:25… Where’s your purple & white uni!? It looked so good :frowning:

I love this uni to :roll_eyes:

Great video man !
your style is very impressive !

Thanks everyone for the comments! :smiley:

@ SkierAlex: Yes kangaroo flip and last trick was toe jam - 540 down

@ Marin: Me too!

@ Eli: Yes I will be going to Naucc :smiley:

@ Tim: Sorry man :frowning: closest EUC I might be going to is EUC 2011 Winter

@ Emile: That was a cork 1440 which means 4 full rotations (Carson can do triple fulls tho). I need to re-spoke my purple rim, I’ve broken a lot of spokes. But yeah the purple looks way better.

Watching it again, I feel bad about what I said haha.

That was siiick. Loved the corked 10, loved the kangaroo flip, and I loved the Zion I. Do you guys ski?


Oh wow i miss counted. Damn.

Edit: Loved the 1440.

Carson skis, I snowboard :stuck_out_tongue:

Also good to see another Zion I fan! One of my favorite artists.

I love Zion I too :stuck_out_tongue:
Let me Holla :slight_smile:

Oh sweet. Do either of you guys have a newschoolers.com account?

No but my friend Guy Smith does if that name rings a bell haha :stuck_out_tongue: