[Flat/Street/Trials] Time to Say Goodbye

Yeah, so this guy is pretty epic flatlander and his videos are never posted here, just thought I would… He lived in Ecuador, but I think he is moving now?

I have him added on facebook. He’s good. According to FB, he moved to manchester, Tennessee, (USA of course).

I think he has an account here.


Is he FROM Equador? Crazy, cause we have some spanish and south american communitys and he never showed up! I would go to ride with him in there! I tought I was the only one to fifth around here :stuck_out_tongue:

Crazy style and nice moves!

I did all this stuff, except the awesome flat combos… My combos are way longer but not too tech!.. I’m working on them to have cooler moves and less repetitions…

Wasn’t there a fifthside in there??

but yeah, this kid is insane. I love his riding.

Yeah, there was… A really nice one…

Funny, his side fifths looks better than side treys!

yeah you’re right. he’s crazy.

Good for someone we’ve never heard of :p.

I thought his flips and sides were rather ugly :s

Flat was awesome tho. All his sidejumps looked really nice. He has the kinda combos where each trick is planed. Unlike some flat vids where you watch and it just looks like a rider does whatever move he feels he can do, “Shit im too off balanced for a 3spin out, ill just inside roll again”. His combos tell an intimate story, each has a begining a middle and an end :slight_smile:

Chris is a philosopher lool !

he live’s in Quito but he told me that in one or two months he’s going to left Ecuador and move to US

WOW, he is awesome!!! :astonished: He should be sponsored on a team! Or at least should be on the Latin American Uni-Team!!!:smiley:

BTW: his name is Daniel Sarzosa and he is definitely someone we’re going to watch closely!

i got all ecited he was moving to manchester uk! but then realised there was a manchester in the us :frowning: