[ Flat / Street ] The Air

Hello, this is my first movie. It name is “The Air”. It is the first movie, there will four movie : The Air, The Earth, The Fire and The Water.

http://vimeo.com/4223088 :slight_smile:

Thanks for Watching

really nice. You’re pretty good at flat. Keep it up:D

nice :wink:

nice riding, but i think the filming can be done better :wink:

Nice riding. Your definately better then me at flat.

nice flat, but the filming is not that good^^

Thank you

Nice movie:D

jeah, nice vid!!!

yes !! great vid.

Heaps Good… :smiley:

very nice video

why were there diabolo being thrown at you in the last clip?

thats a great video!! I can’t wait to the sequel!!!
It’s also inspired me to do a rolling wrap on my 12’’ Well I’ll its inspired
me to give it a try.
Cheers, Uni98:):slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answers, my video next is foreseen for this summer and will still be better.