Flat/Street Back it up Beginner

who’s on??

This is for the beginners at street and flat. Like 180 unispin, wrapwalk and tricks like that.

I’ll play.

ok i’ll post the first trick tomorrow

I’ll play! This will be good motivation for me!

Ill give this ago.

I just learnt 180 unispin so hopefully I’m good enough. :slight_smile:

yeah i’m in too.

I spose I will be in too :smiley: but Im not good at wraps and stuff like that :wink:

No worries We will start easy http://vimeo.com/7068294

Back it Up!

I will hopefully bck that up tomorrow after school(pretty sure I can) Will a no footer tire grab go here for my trick that i set?


would it be better to turn this into an OUT the game? cause it accomplishes something. back it up, someone back it’s up, then another trick is set and there is not much of an accomplishment, cause your trick is just forgotten once it’s been done. and it’s fun having a penalty if you don’t do it, cause it gives more motivation to land it =P

I just made an ‘Out the game beginner’ thread. :slight_smile:

I didnt no if I should of made it a street or trials or whatever so I made it all types. :wink:

Ok Should we make this one to a more intermediate Out the game?

At the level with tricks like wrapwalk and stuff like that.

Sorry for the long wait other things got in the way I will be doing this and the other back it up now and I dont really mind if you decide to make it an intermediate OUT game :slight_smile:

finally done it XD Its not hard at all because I couldnt think of anything and this game might change in the end but …meh
Still converting on both so youtube has bad quality till its done.


ok this thread will still be a back it up.

I’ll back it up soon.

I have been wanting more things to do on my unicycle in these last few days with no school,
so I thought I would revive this thread. :sunglasses:


I am not exactly sure what the next trick is called. It is what it looks like; just bounce the seat off the ground,
catch it and keep hoping.

Back it up! :smiley:


Back it up.