[Flat/Street] 2009 Unicycling

This is the first full video I’ve made, it was filmed and edited over the past two weeks (my winter break). Hope you enjoy.

nice vid :slight_smile:


I love that you roll into your wrap-walks that makes them look really smooth ; )

These are nike air mogan mids right? Nice vid anyway, your ding everything sooo slow. i think i like that.

wow, nice! You’re improving so much even already from naucc. Besides getting better at flat, you should learn crankflips now:D.

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:


I know, I’m going to start working on flips soon.

Dang Julia!

You’re a beast! I love how slowly you do everything. It all looks so smooth. Your rolling wraps look sooooo cool too. They don’t look normal, and I like that!

Sickk vid. You’ve improved so much since Naucc. I liked the riding into rolling wraps also. Keep it up.

That was nice, you’ve definitely improved. Loved the rollingwrap-wheelwalk and the 3spins look pretty cool. Keep it up :wink:

nike air mogan are the best for flatland :wink:
any way good video julia, it’s good to see some flatland riding from a girl :wink:

Double rollingwrap and rollingwrap-1ft ww were nice. You should learn how to 360 unispin with the seat foward though.

I do agree. You will find 3spins soooooo much easier if you do them seat forward to seat in. Not to make your 3spins now seem less impressive, but you’re making them harder than they need to be.

I only landed about 5 3spins before I lost them. :frowning: I got them the day after 270s by overspinning the 270 but the day after that I couldn’t do them anymore. It’s frustrating.

The rolling rolling wraps are cool, and so is the slow style you have.

Cool video. Its nice to see girls unicycling too.

Julia NICE! Great to see a video from you. Your flat is crazy! You progressed pretty fast your rolling wraps look sweet especially how you roll into them. Congrats on the 3spin. Dont worry about losing them. A lot of times after i first land a trick, i go through a period when i cant land it, but it always comes back. just keep working on them. I think you could definitely learn flips and that would be really awesome. Thanks for the dedication! Keep filming

Julia! You are so awesome. The vid is sweet! Just like everyone else has said you are learning new stuff FAST! And btw you definitely beat me getting rolling wraps, haha. I would blame it on college but you are just better than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet, looks like your progressing fast. Time to clean up those spins (seat forward) and learn flips :smiley:

Also really liked the unispins up and down things, going forwards.

Nice video! Can you do a 180 on pogo?