Flat session from Romain

Hello with all.
Small a video for my arrival on the forum.
Your comments.
So long…


Romain B.:slight_smile:

That was really nice.

Nice! That looked really French :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve seen the vid a while ago.
For how long have you guys been riding?

One of the best flatland Vids I’ve seen in a while! Keep it up!

wow that was really good, keep it up.

Nice man!

Yeah different angles look better, but it wasn’t too bad, I didn’t really notice. I guess I was too busy watching the smooth tricks!

:roll_eyes: :sunglasses: :smiley:


You have a huge repretor of tricks:D

nice vid,

haha was that a rage cover?


Just watched again. Quite inspiring, makes me wanna skip out on work and practice some crankrolls, hhaha, thanks alot pffff… haha. lovin it man.

Thanks for all your comments
My name is Romain and I’m 15 years old.
I live in montpellier(south of france)
I speak english very bad but I understand.
I’m riding unicycle since 2005.
I love street and flat.
I will go to the fluck 2007.
I hope to meet you.
Bye and see you soon.

That was a really nice vid.

Very nice, good to see some smooth flatland stuff. Very impressive. Unfortunently flatlanding is becoming more and more popular, and the more that people do it, and get good at it, the less appealing it becomes. (Happened with flip tricks too). Still nicely done man. We need to set up a makeshift flatland competition at FLUCK. Set up a small 20ft, by 20ft area, and give each rider like 3minutes to use just flatground to preform flatland tricks (trying to not do flip tricks, not flatlanding).

-Shaun Johanneson

thats a good idea…kinda like how they did for xgames when they used to do flatland for bikes…
that stuff is good though…wish i was that good.