Flat seat

Does anyone know if you can buy the NNC Flatfish saddle anywhere? If so how much is it?

Mike A.

You can see if Pete is still selling them. Send him a pm. Last I saw they were about 200 USD, but I don’t remember exactly.

I think it’s more like 125 USD;

you may be remembering NZD. One emails Pete at barrell65@paradise.net.nz.

That’s pretty likely…

I bought a carbon fiber NNC flat saddle from Pete in July, and his email is different than the one shown above. I’m not sure if he wants it posted in the open, but if you can’t get ahold of him, PM me and I’ll send you his email address. When I bought mine, it cost $157 USD (which was 196 NZD at the time).

Here’s the saddle after I put the foam and cover on it:

Pete posted both the address I gave and the one Lloyd has

at different times, the latter more recently.