flat seat and bars

Thinking of trying out the fusion 0 either for my 36er or my 27.5.

I ride these unis about equal, though probably go for longer rides on my 27.5 off road, fairly technical.

A couple questions:

  1. Is it really best to ride this saddle with bars? I have bars on my 36er but not my 27.5 and don’t really want to put them on my 27.5.

  2. I would be tempted to try this seat with my 27.5 as my crotch most hurts on that because I ride it for longer periods. Experience with this saddle on muni vs road 36?

Hi there

I’ve got the KH Zero (the first edition of the saddle…) on my 36. I’ve got the handle bars set up. In my opinion the Zero (with handle bars) for long distance is brilliant. As you probably know it takes a little bit of time to get used to it but once you do is fantastic. ‘Miles’ better than a banana shape saddle! :smiley:

I’ve never tried it in any of my Munis (24/26) so no idea what is it like for that type of riding. In my Munis I’ve got the Stadium saddle set up instead (without handle bars) and it works really well. The great thing of the stadium saddle (and also the Zero) is that you don’t get that annoying rubbing on your thighs if you are cycling ‘standing up’ when tackling rough bits in Muni.

On the 36 I would definitely recommend the Zero saddle

I have the KH One on my 27.5" muni, and liked it enough to get another for my 29" road wheel. I haven’t tried the Zero.

I have a grab handle on the muni that lets me put some weight forward of the seat, and I think it encourages a slightly more “bike like” riding position, which is kind of the point of the saddle. It seems fine for the cross country style riding I do on that wheel. For my rougher terrain riding where I’m standing up more, I prefer my semi-flattened KH freeride, but the One would be OK. I don’t slide off it or anything.

I don’t have handlebars on the 29" road wheel but I’ve been thinking about installing some. The saddle works OK with no bars but I do wish I could lean forward and put some weight on the bars, more than the saddle handle will allow.

I’m in pretty much the same position as Moslki - I have the Zero on my 29er guni which gets ridden exclusively on road and the Stadium on my 26er muni. The Stadium is definitely the best saddle I’ve ever ridden (for me - lots of other people don’t seem to like it), though the Zero probably is better for use on the guni where I have bars and tend to stay in one position. I wouldn’t like to try using the Zero without bars - with the complete lack of curve it doesn’t seem to work that well without. It also took me a long time to get used to the Zero - at one point I managed to trap a nerve riding it. It was only very recently that I’ve finally got to the point where it feels preferable to a more normal saddle (and I’m finally glad I put the effort in).

I also use a Zero on my 36er and a Stadium on my muni. Handlebars on both unis. I’m happy with both setups.

Might be worth considering the Mad4One handle saddles too. They have a fairly flat profile and because are integrated into the handle, pretty light too.

I’ve just ordered two to test out.

My NNC flatfish is great but not quite long enough.

Mad4One handle saddle

Will you write a review, as soon as you tried them?

I’m also curious about the handleSaddle.
Different lengths? What is the width? How do you attach a brake lever? How easy is it to make a various covers/padding?


Looks like you attach it to one side of the bar, which means you can use the break only with either your left or your right hand in a comfortable position.
A huge downside IMHO.

Thanks bouin-bouin, but there is not too much information on that site.

This is THE site !

I know, but a little tutorial video from Marco about the saddle and how to customize it with tape and foam, would be helpful.

I see, so you must have a hinged brake lever clamp. I guess that means I would need to upgrade my brakes haha.

Yeah the “finished” versions look like a piece of foam stuck on there and wrapped in duct tape. I think it looks kind of cool for trials/flat/street where the seat is mostly just a handle anyway, but for muni or road???

I believe it is the finest available leather, just structured to look like duct tape… :smiley:

Anyhow it is good to have those new ideas comming to our small world.

Absolutely. I ordered both the short trials version and the medium version.

The first impression I had from the very brief ride on Ben Soja’s handle saddle was that the hand positioning seems perfect, so hopefully it will be comfortable for long distance as well.

I’d not recommend the Fusion Zero for those of us without much “material” on our behinds, without padded cycling shorts.

I do find the Fusion One much better, but personally still end up with some bruising on longer rides (>50 miles).

I wouldn’t ride one without bars, but on that point I’m not sure I’d choose to set up many unicycles without bars any more.