Flat Saddle! Nimbus Gel $40

I’ve got an extra flattened nimbus gel saddle. I’m asking a little more then normal for it because of the amount of labor that goes into flattening one of these. If you want to try a flat saddle, this is a good way to go. I haven’t seen one for sale anywhere before. It has the older style velo base. I’m not sure why but I’m convinced it actually got stiffer when I flattened it. It’s in good shape, typical scratches on the bumpers, the cover is in good shape. I can ship anywhere. You will have to pay shipping. I might consider offers or trades.






Ill take it - sent you a PM


I just made 10 flat saddles this week out of the Naomi and sold them brand new for $30 a piece. I should have told you. I wish I would have know you were interested.