[Flat] November-Max and Stian

Hey, Stian and I decided to make a video for November. I didn’t have much time over the month to film, so it is all flatland. I have started to do a lot more rolls in my flat as you will see. A few big bangers in here with some creative stuff too.


No youtube because no sound.

I didn’t spend too much time editing, so I couldn’t get the few glitches out.

Awesome, I liked it. I’d already seen most of Stian’s clips before this :stuck_out_tongue:

Max, your latebacks flip really fast. Just a little too much hopping on tire…

that was really sick.

really creative!

Dead and sunrise… sounds alot like Chester from LP

Dude sick lateback tricks. Whos Stian :s Some sick stuff in there.

Nice guys.

If you have to speed it up, theres too much hoping :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks, and Stian is pretty much the top rider from Norway.

Agreed about the hops on tire… Other than that i thought it was pretty good… Pretty sweet flips going on. And i thought some of the combos were definitly bad ass.

wow awesome vid!! late hickback looks insane ^^ and 720/180/180/180 to backroll and hicktriple were also pretty nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone. I know I do a bunch of HoW stuff, but I suck at rolls so that is how I transition from trick to trick usually… :o
I’ll probably have a short flat edit up in about a week. I’ll try to cut down on the hopping on wheel.

no no no. Eliminate the hops on wheel.

hahaha, those tricks would be insane without hops between :roll_eyes:

Seat wrap on wheel to blind seat wrap on wheel without hops would be disgustingly, gut bustingly, sick XD