[flat] november '09


Sick video man. I always love your flatland.
1:30 was just sick!

Sweet video. Still liking the editing. Very smooth… way to be.

Love your style and editing.

'Cause he’s a frog.

Nice vid, but the editing distracted me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your definently one of my faveorite flat riders ever!

I always love your vids!

This one especially! haha



I think he was trying for Loics “360 bodyvarial” But yes, it was an inward backside varial XD

The editing was a bit distracting really :s But I watched it twice :stuck_out_tongue:

Huge combos, impressive.

i love your style

Loved this vid, as all of yours!

the routine at 1:06 is awesome, and the 450 > rollwrap is something whoa.

Just, I also found the editing a bit disturbing (like, when a flash of “360” was written, my eyes was going there and losing the trick).

thanks for your comments guys
the vid will be also avalaible on unicycle.tv

– bobousse

awesome video bobousse!!!

Nice video man! and cool new uni photos on your webblog :wink: