Hey Guys!

This is a new vid of my friend Lukas and me.

It’s mostly flat…and one or two street stuff…

here it is:



drop a comment;)


nice video
cool combos and the 180 drop was awesome
how long do you both ride?

Nice! :slight_smile:

You really look like your brother, thats cool:D

very nice riding :slight_smile:

This video is amazing :astonished:
I can’t believe how good you are for your ages.

I laughed so hard at your ending.

You’re incredible for your age.

sick vid…uve gottena lot better since unicon!

man you pohams are getting crazy good.Do you all have hats with pom poms ?

thanks for the comments

Well done my little brother :smiley:

I totally started the whole pom pom thing :sunglasses:

Nice vid.

Mad vid.
I can’t remember exactly who wore the pom pom first but i think it was either you or joe hodges. It sure has taken off though.

I forgot about Joe :stuck_out_tongue:

I wear the pom pom hat because I saw Hugo Duguay wearing one :roll_eyes:

It makes me land new tricks.

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Really nice video , 180 drop was really awesome !:wink:

Nicee video, really fun to watch.
You are so good for your age!

What a number! :wink:

really cool video lorenz and lukas:D i mostly liked the coasting and the 180drop :astonished: