[Flat/Freestyle] Till Wohlfarth in New Zealand

Stefan Buchele edited this nice Freestyle/Flat movie featuring Till Wohlfarth (Team AJATA). Till wanted to make this video longer and film more of his tricks but sadly he got a torn ligament at EUC so we decided to make a short movie only with the footage from Unicon and the traveling around first.


I hope you like it.

fantastic : ) the one foot crab walk was sick

That was just awesome… Amazing style. Amazing riding. Amazing amazing amazing. Made my morning. Thank you.

Thought the hop from one uni onto his back and standing on his shoulders was awesome. Some of the rolling combos into the wheel walks and what not were awesome too.

Wow the combo at 2:08 was awesome! Also the fakie unispin to backwards standup coast!

Amazing :astonished: !

Lodge in the city! Was awesome riding with Till, strange, but awesome combos

1:58 was a perfect combination of flatland and freestyle tricks.
2:08 was also really creative. The last trick was awesome.

here unicycle.tv links:

Url:: http://unicycle.tv/video/1070-UnicyclinginNewZealand
Video:: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1070.unicyclinginnewzealand.mp4

1:58, 2:08, and the last clip of the video were awesome! Love the flat combos with freestyle in them.

Great video! Amazing skills! Liked how it was filmed at places that are not ussauly filmed, like on the board walk. I ussauly don’t really like freestyle or flat that much but I did watching this video.

Beauty of a video, One of my favourite things about it was that it was freestyle and flat, but filmed in diverse and interesting places, not just in a gym, or on a chunk of pavement somewhere. There was also a good range of angles, and enough variety in tricks, and combos to keep it all interesting. Awesome stuff!

amazing…im speechless.

Wow… great skills… !!

Great video. this is what flatland should be like. Its closer to flatland bmx which is good. unispin to standup coast was brilliant

It’s all flatland. he’s not doing a performance.

Loved the flat combos with wheelwalking in them.


I loved it

SOOO cool!