[Flat]Adrien Delecroix 1080 unispin on flat!!



Thats amazing!!

As awesome as this is, I wish there was a slower slow motion. Just to get the full effect.

But yeah, friggin amazing.


There is no way I can accurately count the spin total, even in the not-slow-enough-to-see-clearly-slo-mo, lol! Especially with the vid quality being a bit dark and the res not too great. For all I could tell, he may have even done a 1260! But either way I’m just amazed at how anyone can spin a 12-13 pound unicycle that frickin fast! :astonished:

Very nice
Not on true flat though, he does it on a gym/bouncy floor… Still, respect.

Has he done a 810 yet? or even 990?

Adrien Delecroix is psychotic!

I’m still proud about my 360 unispin. :smiley:


Thats not flat. Looks bouncey.


Not that it’s not crazy awesome…just not true flat imo.

Still epic.

That’s awesome!
But he did jump like 5 feet off that floor, lol.

Nope, not flat at all, looks like a gymnastic floor.

Ummm… Not really lol. Off a bench was more impressive. When are you EVER going to be able to use a bouncey floor while you street ride or in competition.

Its pointless.

still amazing chris :wink: but its true that I prefer the one on the bench :smiley:

:astonished: this is crazy!!!

adrien wrote at facebook that he has done this trick 5 times at diffrent environments :wink:

Totaly unbelivible! It`s to sick! Damn nice!

the bench was bouncy too :roll_eyes:


and i don´t think that the gymground was much bouncy because he jump nearly as high as his 900 and i don´t think that that he has problems with the spin :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: