[flat] 7.7.7

UTV Download link

I guess its pretty recent… :P. Very good. I like the quality and the tricks are crazy like always.

You posted two minutes after Spencer did, and the video is longer than that…

Haha, how is that possible? :thinking:

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. :wink:

He posted the vid like 20 mins ago. So I watched it. And tried to ask how recent it was. Then I saw the thread.

That was awesome. I liked the crankstall on tire, and hop up the ledge to sideroll. Also, billy talent is good. Keep it up.

That Vid was awesome!No idea what it’s called but that 4combo whit ‘crank-roll’ was incredible,also I love the quality.
Keep it up man

Sick riding.
Again the artistic element in your films are great! Each background was different, and the fish eye lens made a cool effect.

10/10 man, keep it up.

Ha I didnt realize my link went to my post in the test forum…oops.

It works anyway but here it is again.

yeah man , it’s the best flatlanding movie i’ve seen a while ago:D

the combo at 00:57 is absolutly crazy :astonished:

the filming is pretty good too

bravo :smiley:


sweet combos, love the music.
great, spenc

Awesome riding/composition! Love the look of the uni too.

for some reason I cannot watch it, it is a white file, and my computer doesnt know
what to run it on.

Edit: Got it to work. SWeet flatland vid.

i cant view it, could you please put it on youtube or the gallery or whatever.

speaking of 07/07/07, it was my brothers birthday on 07/07/07 and it was their 21st and 3 7’s are 21.
ohhhhh spooky lol

Your brother must be a terrorist.

It appears the bmx wheel is the next step in evolution for street unicycling, a step backwards almost.

what set up was the freestyle?

Looks like another great video. Put some of those crankrolls in a street run and it would be amazing lol. Anyways, keep up the good riding…

and yes Spencer, I did like it even though it was flatland :wink:



05 kh/onza hub and cranks (127mm)
Odyssey 7ka rim
KHE park tire
plastic pedals (at the moment odyssey twisteds)
a frame that Evan made me
Primo 25.4 post
Wallis CF base with threaded inserts with a modified KH handle to fit the bolt pattern

Its pretty awesome, the tire is about 1/3 the weight of a trials tire so it flips really effortlessly.

Good Movie.

looking good. i like how you just flow… many riders i’ve seen need prehops for crankwaks, and stuff (idk why) you just go into it. nice job

man billy talent is great. nice vid. that bc wheeling is awesome, does a slick make that stuff easier?