Flat #2

The second installment in my winter flatlanding videos :smiley:



Yes I’m still working on my street vid, thanks for the pm’s guys. All I need is one more sunny day and its in the bag.
And no I didn’t make the bar jump.

Sweet !!! I liked the inside roll to half hick monkey kick

Haha the shinny at the end made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue: Was all pretty slick. Did you land that high jump? how high was it? it looked huge.

Yeah I thought it was funny lol.

It was 1 meter and nah didn’t land it. Just put it in for the suspense lol.

I’ll get it soon though.

Nice job! I dont know what most of the tricks were called but they looked sick! Keep it up:)

nice job! I saw you do your outside rolls with a 180 unispin, is that easier for you?

Loved the vid. That leg wrap X5 was nice to see. Also liked the look of the 180spin to outsideroll to leg wrap. Great video, can’t wait for flat#3.

Blind 180 unispin*

Lol their pretty much the same, so I just do it with the 180 cause they look better.

Dude… That was good flatland!

Good style.

I have some catching up to do with my flat.

That was awesome. So much better then #1. The line around 1:43 was soo smooth

Awesome. The 5 leg arounds were insane. How many seat wraps can you do?

Shinning yourself like that sucks, especially when you’re doing a unispin or something and your front foot lands just behind the pedal -.- But remember, pads are your friend.

Good job, you have a nice style.
I also have to do blind 180 unispins to outside rolls so I don’t have to jump over the wheel but its not too big of a deal. We are equally creative when it comes to naming videos;)

Haha yeah, do you do blind spins out of your rollingwraps and insiderolls aswell?

Nope, I think my only blind spins are into my outside rolls, so I guess I am pretty lucky.

I can do them both ways out of rolling wraps but they feel more normal to go blind. But I don’t mind, I want to practice my blind moves more anyway.

I like how you roll into the rolling wrap seat in then take it out and do the trick without any hops. This looks a lot more flowy!

Yeah I like em too, dunno why most people don’t do them like that. I find it better to do most things rolling. Otherwise I spend too much time prehoping.

good stuff. the inward small spin to back roll was tight(it was an inward small right?)

Yep, thought you’d like that :slight_smile: I was trying 360s into inside roll and found it just as easy to do a inward smallspin.

The lame thing is, it looks exactly like a blind 180unispin into an outside roll. Which is about 10 times easier.

sweet video.