Flash Deluxe Unicycle


Here is some photo of the new KH Unicycle called “Flash Deluxe”.
This Unicycle will be soon in sold.:slight_smile:
I want say a big thanks to Unicycle.TV, Kris Holm and Roland and Petra from Municycle.com because without them this Unicycle will not exist.
If you have some questions, ask me.
I will probably put more photo later.

That uni is awesome, but it looked more flashy before I think. The green was more like a floro green. Anyway, it stills looks cool:)

That looks really nice. Are there any pictures of the Flash Deluxe with the new flat/freestyle wheel?

No sorry I dont have picture of this, but I will take some if you want ;).
I forget to say thanks to Jim from sinco too:) .


saddle is best. very creative.


So cool :slight_smile:

Is it only me that doesnt really like the colours?

Yeah the colours could be better but still looks awsome. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the colours but it’s cool to see that there is a KH uni which will not only be sold in blue :roll_eyes:

sweet. I think the green needs to be brighter. The seat looks amazing tho I like and I want

it looked better in the custom kh thread

Awesome uni. Where will it be sold and from what company?

KH, I supose it will be sold from KH distributers.

I think it will just be sold from municycle.com in germany.

Ok thanks. I figured a uni that awesome couldn’t possibly be available in the states:p

Dont give up hope. We gots lots o’ potential in here in the USofA.