Flaming puck hockey video online!

TheDan.com combined with Bedford Unicycles have created this awesome short video of Flaming puck unicycle Hockey.


stay tuned for the VH1 special… Behind the puck, nuacc 2003…
or somtheing.

SWEET!!! I must do this. I mean I won’t try this at home :roll_eyes:

Is that just lighter fluid and a tennis ball?


This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

Great job filming and editing Dan. Jacinto’s fire unicycle was awesome!! I wish I would have drove down from my motel to participate. I can’t believe you didn’t get kicked out of the motel parking lot.

Mojoe… proudly wearing my thedan.com shirt

Excellent! Was the unicycle damaged?

I don’t know about playing uni hockey with a flaming ball, but the Unicycle from Hell was amazing. Uni Reaper riding his Unicycle of Doom.:smiley:

I must agree, the Wheel of Fire was awesome! :slight_smile:


That was awesome!! I didn’t think you were serious when it said you were going to try flaming puck hockey…

At the Flaming Wheel from Hell part, it probably looked to outside spectators like a satanic unicycle ritual, or something.


That was so COOL!!!..
They didn’t try flaming saddle uni…chickens! :roll_eyes:

Cool video and great moves by Jacinto.

Andrea had a gas playing Flaming Puck Hockey.

I was there for Jacinto’s first try but not for the session on the video. For those that missed that one they mean it: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. They completely doused his wheel with Darren’s concoction and it went up BIG. I think he had some type of long sweat pants on, if the pants had been flammable his legs could have gone up too.

Here is a long exposure of the earlier try from my gallery:

Here’s a picture of Jacinto’s fire wheel.