Fix my Unicycle or buy a new one?


I play unicycle hockey and also like to ride my unicycle on the road or on smoothish country paths (semi off road but not muni). I ride my uni 2 to 4 times a week (about 4 somtimes 5 hours a week).

Playing hockey obviously my uni falls over quite a bit. Now my uni is a few years old I brought it 2nd hand and over the past 6 months have upgraded the seat (Kh Freestyle), seat post, added alu nimbus cranks, pedals and a gusset pimp 20" tire. However, the wheel and hub is what came with it (cheap and probably not light), it rusted at one point but I lightly sanded it clean,

Its a 20" uni with chrome frame with rounded rather than right angled forks. It also has lollypop baring housings (but not a Pashley). Anyway, this week the frame cracked around the bolts that hold the bearing housing. So it needs a new frame.

Now I’m delberating, should I fix it and get a low cost Nimbus chrome frame, or should I go for something a little more special. In any case, even if I buy a new one I will probably end up fixing it, but at much less cost as a spare/loaner bike.

I’m not sure weather to fix it up, or go all out on something like a Nimbus Eclipse or Equinox. Given my usage would it be worth it. Would I notice a significant performance improvement that would warrant spending £300 on a bike verses £40 to fix mine up .

This is a common failure mode for unicycles with lollipop-style bearing holders… they weren’t designed for much more than riding forward and back, it seems.

A new frame isn’t necessary unless a significant part of the frame has disintegrated. You could find a welding shop and have them “beef up” the lower ends of the frame. Of course, this would move the weak point up the frame, so it’ll fail elsewhere at a later date… but it’s a cheaper solution than a new frame, and it will last for some time if done right.

Sounds like someone needs a better unicycle for hockey! You don’t have to buy top of the line, but you should definitely move away from the lollipop-style bearing holders.

Thanks for the advice. I just brought a new frame (Nimbus2), seat clamp and bearings from UDC. I want to get the bike up and running. However, given my usage (see original post) I would not rule out the possibility of me getting an Eclipse or Equinox if deemed beneficial?

Opinions anyone?

Get a nice uni. Even good ones are not that expensive. The Nimbus unis are good quality and not as expensive as say a Kris Holm. I am a believer in having good equipment. It motivates you use it more, and it’s not like you are a beginner. You know you like the hobby and it sounds like you ride pretty often, so go for it. There are more expensive endevours out there than unicycling. So get a good one.

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When you have stuff that wont break easily you are more prone to ride harder and more often.

The last two posts have really made me want to buy one now. Well the spares hopefully arrive today. I’ll fix up the bike, if I like it I’ll keep it. If I don’t I’ll buy a nice one.

When I told the people in my hokey team I was considering one they were like, “woah really? Shy not buy a cheaper one and spend the excess on a cocker!”. It made me think, hmm am I being exuberant, I guess not.

Cheers folks.