FiveTen Impact v2 shoes - size 9.5 US

$75 shipped.
Here’s a couple pics. Erm… I’ll clean them up before I send them out. Lol. I may even clean em up and take more pics. This is just to show you that I’ve had them and the very little amount of use they’ve had. Pics of the bottom are there too to show you that barely any of the bottom tread, if at all, has been worn.

Please note that that there are different insoles than the stock FiveTen ones. Those ones sucked so I bought some other, more comfy ones.



So I guess your out of unicycling now…

what happened? You seemed pretty stoked about it not too long ago.

Haha. Just no time now really. Graduating in May and this semester with the internship and all is looking to be really painful. That being said I’ve got a friend here with like one 20", two 24", and one 36" so I can always borrow. Lol.