FiveTen Impact fit question

Do these fit like tennis shoes or skate shoes? I got a set of Freeriders a week or so ago, but the toe area is too uncomfy, the part below my pinky toes are always hitting the side though a size up would be too big. I guess I really never liked skate shoe fits. I don’t use em.

Wondering if the Impacts would fit more comfortably. Looked at the Barons, and since they’re kinda beefed up Freeriders, I don’t know that they’d work well with my feet. I’m flat footed to an extent.

If I can’t exchange my Freeriders, anyone wanna buy em off me ? :wink:

Which Freerides? If you’re talking about the grey colored Freerides, then yes, the Barons have a roomier toe box and a little more beefy construction. The Impacts have a smaller toe box, more of a curved last, so toe issues could be worse, but you’d need to try them on to really know.

What size do you wear? I have both of those shoes in a sz 13 if you want to try them.

I may be down your way this weekend to ride, either Enterprise, Raccoon Mtn, or White Oak. Let me know if you want to ride.

I definitely should have asked you! I forgot you’ve had all three at one point. I returned the Freeriders, the grey ones yeah.

What was bothering me was the point outside the foot right under the pinky toe. That was always pressing against the side of the Freeriders (it’s probably also my feet). Toes are ok, but that join is kinda pushing the outside always. I find that shoes shaped like training/running shoes are more comfortable for me. (I was wearing the K-Swiss Tubes

recently, though I hate not wearing flat soled shoes) So I was wondering if the Impacts would fit like that. Skate shoes are too narrow and straight for me most of the time.

Size 9 or 9.5 so I don’t think that’d work =) but thanks.

Thanks for the invite too Ben, but I’ve gotta work almost all weekends, for sure this one. Though on the May 19-20 meet I’m gonna make sure to go :smiley:

Whatcha think? When I get the refund on the shoes, is it alright if I give the Impacts a shot? I’m gonna order from Zappos anyhow. :3

They don’t fit like skate shoes. Since they are designed for biking, they feel a little weird to walk in. For me, they felt small, on the border of too small, but I just got used to it and they broke in a bit. Now they feel good. I would say the freeride and impact fit almost identical, the impact beeing a bit more shoe feels a bit worse in having the weird fit (not sure if that makes any sense :stuck_out_tongue: )

Kind of not really, but I’ll give it a shot. Zappos is nice about returns so, if the refund from Amazon goes smoothly, I’ll update with my opinions. Thanks though for the input =)

Only reason I’m actually wearing the K Swiss Tubes right now is cos of my right foot being a bit swollen, easiest to walk in and all. I really don’t like riding with them (not that I should be riding with this injury) but just the current situation.

Thanks for the help Ben and Anton!

The grey Freerides fit looser than the Impacts in the same size. The Barons have the widest fit and largest toe box of all the Five Ten riding shoes.

I’d get the Barons, they are not as stiff as the Impacts, but stiffer than the Freerides. Of course I am very partial to the Shimanos, but they are very stiff, so not everyone’s cup of tea.

Btw, I don’t work Fridays right now, so that’s an option for ridng if you have that day off

Thanks again for the input =) I hate to say no to the invite, but Friday is when I rush over to Chattanooga after class to try and make it in time for the doctor to tell me what to do with my swollen foot :smiley:

Thanks again for all your help. I have the impacts and I like them a lot better. Same size as the freeriders I ordered and fit much more comfortably. They ARE big though. Beefy sons of b*tches, but that’s fine. They don’t look as fugly once you dirty them up a little too :wink: might be a few mins to get used to positioning on the pedals if your cranks have really low Q, but that goes away relatively fast.

Oh and I’m taller now too. :3