Five Ten shoes

I hear kris is wearing this? but im not sure. Has any one worn this before?
thanks for any info. Freeride shoes by the way.

Best shoes yet.

Very very sticky though.

The only problem is that every other shoe then feels slippery. These are the best muni shoe out there…support, sticky and good hikers.

On the downside though, they are bulky.

Stiff sole also, which for me and muni is good. For two wheeled trials I at least like thinner/flexier soles.

I have the Impact2 Mids, and love them. I don’t think the soles are too stiff; compared to conventional biking shoes, they’re nearly floppy. They do have more grip than you may be comfortable with; I had to remove some pins from the Shimano DX pedals on my muni so I could even rearrange my foot. I think they’re perfect with Jim C pedals, which I have on my 29er.

I guess I brought this up in a way, so just to clarify: Compared to my roadbiking shoes they are floppy (road shoes don’t give a millimeter). The “maybe to stiff” is because in two-wheel trials I at least like to feel the pedals and almost be able to curl my toes around them. I have never tried (no will try) one wheeled trials, so can’t say what the demands are there.

I have the imact2 mids as well. Had them for over a year now and really like them. The sole is hardly cut up at all, although the button tread is a little bit worn down where the ball of your foot is.

Adjusting foot position on pedals can take some getting used to as they are super sticky but its not too hard. Ankle protection is good. Not as much as a walking boot but has still saved me a couple of times. I have sprained ankles with these shoes on but on all occasions I was able to keep riding… just about.

Great shoe for Muni I recomend them, might get round to a full review one day.

Note: The button tread sole is not great for walking in mud and snow… but then you shouldnt be walking anyway;)

I’ve had my Impact Hi-tops nearly two years now - wrote a review here soon after I had them. They’re still doing well, and look like they’ll probably last at least another year, which in a way offsets the high price. I really like them. The only bad point for me is that they soak up a lot of water if it’s wet and take ages to dry.


I have the impact mid for two years now. And yes - everything the others have posted is true.
Realy brave shoes. super sticky, stiff and good protection.
And soaking wet for days when taping into a water hole :roll_eyes:

Have you tried stuffing your wet shoes with newspaper? Whenever I go running in the rain and the puddles soak my shoes I just put some paper in them and by morning they’re dry. They dry faster if you change the paper every 6 hours or so.

Yes. But 5-10 Impacts seem to hold much more water than any other shoes. Perhaps it’s just because the boots I used before for muni were leather, so didn’t really soak up much water at all. All the padding round the ankle and tongue on the 5-10s is nice for ankle protection but just acts like a sponge if it’s wet. I’ve sprayed mine with waterproofer, which helps a bit in light rain.


I only have time to ride 2 or 3 times a week. So the shoes got enough time to get dry again from one ride to the next. I store them close to the heating system that works quite well.