fitting kh leg armor

so i got my leg armor today but i’m not sure they fit right
i knew this might happen but if get the next size up will they be to long
what to do???

i attached a picture of me with them on i’m worried about the how well they wrap

I have/had a similar fit issue. Rotate each guard inward (left guard clockwise, right guard counter-clockwise). This will put the front of the guards somewhat off-center, but the back flap will give you more coverage to prevent pedal bites to the calf.

I ride that way all the time. The panel with the KH signature is more directly in front of my shin, rather than to the inside of my shin. This protects both shin and calf from your pedals.

As I have ramped up my exercise (and unicycling) and lost 20 lbs, I have not had to twist the armour as much. Not that I am saying you should lose weight…

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that my armor does not wrap completely around my legs for complete protection. There is a gap on the sides, which is just fine with me - keeps me cooler. Maybe if I lost another 20lbs, it would be a complete wrap - but I hope not. I like the opening.

do you think you would have been happer with LXs

I forget if I have the large or extra large (my armor is at home and I am not). But it is the right length for my legs - you don’t want it to be too long. In my opinion, the armor is to primarily protect:
> Knees and shins when I have a spectacular UPD
> Shins and calfs from pedal bites

Other than that, I have never suffered an injury to the open area on the outside of my legs exposed by the gap. And as mentioned above, I like the gap because it keeps my legs cooler. I am happy with the size I have and I am happy with the performance of the armor.

When I first got my armor, I experienced the same misgivings that you expressed. But by slightly twisting the armor, I covered the exposed areas that I was most concerned about. I have used them a lot and I have been saved from all sorts of injuries.

I would only get larger armor if you feel the length will still work for you. If it is too long, it won’t fit properly at the knee.

I had fit issues w kh leg armour also, I personally prefer 661s.

I was gonna get a set of these, but seeing how much they seem to be lacking in material / coverage, I think I’ll stick to my beat up 661 pads that I don’t like, at least there’s more coverage on the 661’s.


does six six one really have more protection i heard there less in the back than kh

and could i get the lx’s and do surgery to them to short the front plates

Here’s the back of my 661s.


I’ve a set of 661 vegies, not so much ‘‘protection’’, but the neoprene is better than nothing, and the pads wrap round and overlap, unlike the KH seem to with the large exposed area.


i have some kh pads small and they completly wrap my legs up. i dont use the to knee straps because i cant think of a situation where i would need them. if u dont strap up the top part then i dont think it will really matter how high they are

I have a set of Large KH Leg Armour, and when on looks exactly like yours. There is a gap, probably due to my calves being quite large but as Kerv said I prefer it as it does give my legs some air to breathe. I have taken some pedal bites on my calves and the leg armour has always always protected me. I don’t think I need something that wraps around my legs completely, although I wouldn’t complain if they did.

My legs are like sticks so there isn’t a gap in the back of them, but I have to give a huge thumbs up to kris for his pads. They are so amazing.

They actually have knee protection (as opposed to the 661s which have almost nothing there), the shin protection is actually thick enough that you don’t get pedal bites through the armor. His pads use amazingly durable material that actually lasts as opposed to the 661s. I like being able to have my pads not be shredded to pieces after a few rides, thank you. The way his straps work make the pads so much faster to put on too, so I don’t have to spend 15 minutes at trail heads (and other places…) getting ready to ride. The calf protection could probably be a bit better, but you can’t really have large pads on your calf anyway because of the way it moves…


i am personally not a huge fan of my KH leg armour.
i currently have a pair of XL because im really… long.
which is kind of frustrating on account of the pads being
slightly loose around my legs.

im considering purchasing a pair of these babies.



The guard’s in the photo posted by Andrew Mell appear to me to be made of neoprene (like the material used in scuba wet suits). I have some neoprene guards made by XS (that is the name on the guards, not the size). They are good for stopping pedal bites, but they are hot, hot, hot to wear (and did I mention they are hot?) Also I find that wearing shin guards and separate knee protection requires a lot of continual adjustment (of course, this might only apply to me. My underwear rides up a lot, too). I like the shin/knee integration of the KH product.

I’ve got a pair of these and they are made of the same material and they are very hot. I also don’t get leg protection on the top part of my shin(the top 4inches).

I agree with Kerv - I have neoprene Azonics that are beyond hot. My KH’s may not fit quite as well but are far more comfortable and substantially lighter.