Fitting 20x2.5 tire on a 20" Qu-ax Luxus

I have an old 20" Qu-ax Luxus that needed a new tire.
I bought 20 x 2.5 Inch (67-406) Qu-ax Q-Cross Tire for it.
The width is fine, but the outer diameter needs a few more millimeters.
Should I shave the bump of the frame?

If that’s the tire I really wanted to run on that uni, then I would do it. It looks like just a few strokes with a half round file would be enough.

I don’t have any sentiments for that specific tire, wanted a fat one for Muni and practising bunny hops, and my original tire was spent.

But anyway, that’s what I bought, so the questions are:

  1. Will that damage the frame? (I don’t think so).
  2. If that tire is right for my rim (seems so).
  3. Assuming I’ll file a few millimeters off the frame, am i facing other any other unexpected issues with that frame+tire combination?

I don’t think anything would be damaged but the paint so long as you remove the minimum amount necessary.

Quite a few unicycles have a curve in this area specifically to give a little more clearance. Give yourself a bit more clearance than you think you need though. I’d be taking 3-4mm off in the centre.

The only thing you’d want to do if you file a bit away there would be to firstly try and file each side in turn with forward strokes only so you don’t break any paint off the back side while filing, and then stick some metal paint on the filed away area afterwards to stop corrosion. If you do the filing carefully then you can probably get away with using almost any colour paint without it being very visible, but obviously a close match red would be best.

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Either file the frame, or add some shims to the upper bearing cap to push the wheel down a bit.

Clever, never thought about that second option.