Fisheye lens advice

I got a Canon Optura 30 camcorder, which has a non-standard thread size for aditional lenses. It’s a 34mm. Is it better to get an adapter ring to go from 34mm to 37mm? Or down to 31.5mm.

As far as fisheye lenses go, most of the ones I’ve looked at are .42x, which I have for my SLR film camera, but wasn’t impressed with the fisheye effect. It wasn’t dramatic enough for me.

Does anyone have any experience with fisheye lenses for camcorders? What did you get and where did you get it?

crap, that was supposed to be in JC. I suck.

Well to make it relevent to Rec.Sport… uh, my dad just got the ball rolling on working with a buddy of his who own a Bike shop in Flagstaff, AZ to build a 100% custom Muni.

I just hooked him up with a sweet digital camera so he can keep me updated on its progress.


Sorry about the threadjack. I live in Flag and wonder who’s doing your custom muni? I’d love to check it out as it progresses. The two most likely candidates I can think of in town are Absolute Bikes or AZ Bikes.

I don’t know squat about lenses. Sorry.:wink:

Re: Threadjack!!

buy a snap-on it will fit almost every videocamera in the world. 27-37 mm. Mine fits almsot everyone.


century optics makes the nicest glass around but you get what you pay for.