Fish eye lenses question.

hey everyone,

i was wondering about fish eye lenses. i was wondering if this one was any good, because the price ranges heaps for them, and i want a cheapish, but effective one.

It’s for a sony XR150. if there’s any info you can give me that i need to know and stuff, it’d be much appreciated. thanks.

Do you actually have 100 bucks?? :smiley: The seller seems to be alright and your future videos will look GANGSTA as well :stuck_out_tongue:
If it doesn’t end up fitting your camera for whatever reason you can always but a step up/down ring anyway

Get it!
Itll give you an excuse to make a new movie :smiley:

yeah, i’d be trying to buy it for a friend so he can film us. it would be great to get filmed with an awesome camera for once :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the exact same one on my still cam, the vignette is pretty hardcore, but if you get it adjusted right it comes out pretty good. The only difference between this and a real fisheye is the meridians of the curve become pretty distorted, and this isn’t really a lens but more of a macro type thing (screws to the outside of an existing lens)

if I were you i’d buy a wide angle lens, it doesnt distorts the image, but if you like that effect. go on

Fisheyes are cool, but get annoying with time!

Most of the cool sports vids have fisheyes, but only in some shots. Getting a wide angle sometimes is waaaay better!

For us Fisheye became a standard. All good riders uses it, it’s easier to film and low angle shots looks nice. We really don’t care about the vignetting, as we’re looking for cool tricks and moves, but if you want to make a nice vid and grab attention from people outside the community, the vignetting and cheap lenses chromatic distortion can be REALLY annoying… Even if they don’t realize, it’s probably one of the facts that makes people stop watching videos on the internet.

Good optics are expensive too, so I would take a look at the Opteka ones. Not that expensive and not that bad:

This fisheye is quite nice too:

Just search on local photo stores and you may find cheap stuff too!

Cheers :smiley:

PS: On this model I posted, even if more expensive than the common ones, you can switch the front element only! So if you scratch it, you can get a new one for 40 bucks, which is cheap for a fisheye front element!

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