First Video

The riding isn’t my best, and I did it all in one day, but it was my first video and I was just getting the feel for it…so helpful criticism and comments would be appreciated very very much.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

nice…pretty good 4 not yur best riding!!!

great job:)

Loved it, Especially the song; Well I can guess where the music came from (someone has been reading the bedford commercial thread right ?).
Overall loved it, must say it was refreshing to have something else than Linkin Park playing in a video.

Nice video, i enjoyed watching it.
Nice socks :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha anyways keep it up, make more videos aswell because i enjoyed this one.

any other comments? I’d like some so I can keep improving w/ my vids. :slight_smile:

Yeeeeeeeeah, everyones digging on Shadowville Productions.

Nice seatwrap, could have edited out some of the prehops though.

im impressed…didnt think u were that good but good job…bcing was cool…

Yea I could have edited the pre hops…but I think next time I just won’t have the pre hops. That sounds much better. Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Great for your first vid:)

How about some pads and a helmet?

Yeah speeding up the prehops would have been good… but better yet, learn to still stand better and cut them out (at least mostly) w/o having to edit them.

Missed deadline:(

Also, you choped your head off in a lot of the shots.

I can do it w/ out many prehops at all, I was just focusing on the editing though and didn’t really pay attention too much to the riding.

Did you want to see more of my beautiful face or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments, I appriciate it. :slight_smile:

Some how I didn’t see that.

Yeah, you’ve got such a beautifull mellon, I just wanted to see a lot more of it:p