First Video- Just around the neighborhood

So here it is, long awaited by the few that actually knew it was coming;)

Hope you enjoy, comments/ Constructive critiscism welcome:)


Here is the small one if people want to see it faster:

nice vid, that one crash where you rolled off the pallets to your back looked painful

Yeah, that was a pretty evil fall. It happened because there had been water on the pedal that froze during a little break that I took, and when I landed on thaat stack, my foot slipped and caught infront of the pedal. At first I thought I had broken my arm :astonished: ,but it just turned out to be quite bruised.

Your better than I thought you would.
Nice artistic feel to the vid.
One of the better vids on the sight, (and I don’t say that often)

B+ !

What peddles are you running there?

Yea nice editing job. I like the ankle covers at the end haha.

Cool vid wish I was that good =p.

Thanks for all your feedback guys!

@Danni- They are Punky Green Hoffman Sole Mates. I’m actually gonna write a review of them when I get a chance. They are really great for either street or trials. Only bad thing is the paint chips really easily, but that doesn’t really matter.

Anyway, I’m planning on making another vid over spring break (april 1-8) with hopefully some bigger moves;)

good vid! I liked the quality.

You raped that pylon.

big downloadage:

Did anyone the big version to work? I can’t.

Really good job editing, cool video.

Yeah, not so [post=1031481]much.[/post]
(see full thread for details)


Good video Max. Youve gotten a heck of a lot better than when I last rode with you. The editing was good too, it was very flowy. Are you using windows movie maker? and are you just using the video function of the stilll camera or did you get a real video camera?

I’m very impressed

I’m still using WMM unfortunately. I’ve been looking around for a better editor program so I can use that for the spring break vid. And yes, I’m using the video function of the still cam (again, unfortunately). I was actually quite impressed by the quality that such a tiny camera can produce for video. It still wasn’t great, and I’m planning to borrow a real video camera for the spring break vid.

I’m planning on making that more street oriented, but pretty much no tech stuff, just big street. I’ve found a bunch of new spots that have some nice stair sets, ledges, etc. Also included will be a bunch of natty trials from the trail I was telling you about, and I think I’ve found a good handrail to go for for the first time:) Should be good if I have enough filming time (as in school work and weather permiting). It should be good, I’m looking forward to it.

Nice video.

That old bmw car in the garage rocks! I can’t stress enough how I like those
old bmws. :slight_smile:


Really cool video with a good mood. Made me happy! Did you really hop up that 3 set in the beggining fakie, or was it played reversed?

Anyways, good riding and look forward to another video from you.

Ditto :smiley:
Impressive what you can do with the video func. of a digital still camera;)

Looks like the vid was reversed to me :roll_eyes:

Truth be told, it was reversed, I’m not that good at fakie yet:o