First Unicyclist to....

I haven’t seen one of these (there have been a few record threads but they don’t quite cut it).

Post anything you’ve done with your unicycle where you were the first (to the best of your knowledge - Other people may know differently) to do.

I know some people have some really interesting thing’s they’ve done.

I’ll start:

First Unicyclist to hop up the 199 steps in Whitby (UK) without dismounting.

first to be stopped by the GMP ( greater manchester police) for not having lights and i quote " you cant ride that thing withouts lights you cant ride anything without light" i tryed to argue wasnt a good idea but ive not been stopped since

tut tut :wink: Well if it was dark you should have had lights :stuck_out_tongue:

thing is it wasnt dark it was 2 in the afternoon !!!
damm rozzers

Haha - oh well - it’s a claim to fame :slight_smile:

First, and so far only unicyclist to successfully climb Fargo street (twice) during the annual event in March 2011.
I may also be the first unicyclist to hop up 59 stairs non-stop on a 36er.

I was the first to do an annual triathlon on a unicycle out here. It is called the rusty family, in reference to a larger one called the rust man out here. Rust man refirs to the larger iron man in Hawaii.

I completed this rusty family with an ok time (considering some people actually carry their kids the whole way by towing them in the water, pulling them in a bike burley, and the pushing them in a running stroller type thing). The unicycle ride was 10 miles and I completed it in one hour on an unguarded 29" with 125mm cranks.

I know many of you guys could do better, but nobody on my island has ever competed on a unicycle.

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He might have just deleted it.

Good thread idea. One of the most appealing aspects of unicycling is being the very first to ride a uni in a given event or race.

I was fortunate enough to be:

1st Uni to climb up Whiteface Mtn, NY, US
1st Uni to climb up Mt. Equinox, VT, US
1st Uni to complete the 50-mile Habitat for Humanity charity ride, Albany, NY, US
1st Uni to complete the Black Fly Challenge, NY, US
1st Uni to complete the Singlespeed-a-palooza, NY, US

And one of a team of five who were the first Unis (or any kind of cycle) to cross the isthmus of Panama via the Camino de Cruces Trail (video)

first to ride up and down holyhead mountian, holyhead anglese

First to round up sheep on a unicycle

first to get kicked out of a mansion for unicycling

First to be pulled over by two police cars at the same time.

First to compete in the Dirty Spokes 12 Hour (Fort Yargo, GA) completing 50 miles in 9:27:59, 2007

First to ride two loops of the famed Double Oak Mountain Trail at Oak Mountain, AL, 36 miles in 6 hours, 2007

First to compete in the Huntsville Sprint Triathlon (3 mile XC run, 6 mile ride, 400m swim), best performance was in 2008 in 53:32 finishing 55th out of 454 finishers!

First to ride the Metric Century at the All You Can Eat Century Ride in 5:47, 2008

First to to descend Mt. Elbert EAST RIDGE Trail, tallest mountain in Colorado (14,433’), 4900’ of descent! 2009

First unicyclist to compete in the Bump N’ Grind XC Mountain Bike Race, completed the 8.5 mile course in 1:06 (~7.75 mph), 2011

… etc… still breaking new ground whenever and wherever I can!

That’s the weird thing with unicyclists - as it’s not really mainstream yet, lots of people who start riding muni/distance seem to want to do new stuff all the time and do stuff never been done before, unlike mountain bikers who’re normally pretty content with just riding.

Does “doing a superman off a coker onto asphalt at 17 mph” count? If so, count me in.

Not sure you’re the first though :stuck_out_tongue:

first to do a wheel walk on a 12 foot giraffe while sitting on the seat.

edit: sadly, there are no pictures, sorry mates.

Do you have 11 foot legs?