First unicycling video

and first juggling video i guess as well…sorry about the sideways-ness and poor quality :slight_smile:

SONOFABITCH brother deleted the video :frowning:

I can do that, wanna see mine?

You Bastard Thats Me On The Video!

You should never call your BROTHER a sonovabich lulululul.

And yes the video quality and sidewaysness is rather upsetting.

Blame him for that, he was recording

Simon Lambert, I blame you, sir.

Haha, I think we all know who the real perpetrator is.

Colonel Mustard, In the dining room, with the revolver.

Really though, its nice to see you have such a warm, open relationship with your brother.

Yeah sorry guys it was a goof, it was really Chris.

As for the camera quality, all I can do is hang my head in shame. :frowning: