first unicycle

Hello there - just getting ready to buy my first and wanted to know what you
all recommended for a good cheap starter (24inch) Torker? Schwinn? Sun? -

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Its just my opinion, but go with the Torker. Torkers are durable enough for beginners falls, and a little after that. They are real cheap too. However, with a Torker, you will have to upgrade after at least 6 months… at least from my experiance.

If you want one that will last a pretty long time, go with Schwinn. Everyone knows they’re a good company. A little more expensive, but more durable.

But I still say get the Torker. :smiley:

I bought the 24" black Torker. But you can’t put a larger tire on it because of clearance on the sides… But besides that for the price it is a real good unicycle… :smiley: Notice the spokes…It has the heavy duty rim and the lighter frame…Plus the grab seat…I love it. I haven’t ridden the 20" since I got the 24" Enjoy…Keith

The Torker Unistar is hard to beat. You can pick them up pretty cheap on Ebay, that’s where I got my Torker. They are an excellent beginner uni

I Just got a 24" Torker HD also. I’m very pleased with it. The seat is a big improvement over the 20" torker. It is built very well yet is light in weight and it is lots of fun to ride. The price is very right.

Re: first unicycle

On Sun, 30 Mar 2003 14:50:58 -0700, “Cari Micala”
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>Hello there - just getting ready to buy my first and wanted to know what you
>all recommended for a good cheap starter (24inch) Torker? Schwinn? Sun? -

I’d have to agree to what others have said: the Torker is the best
value for money as a starter unicycle. After having used it for half a
year or so, and especially if you read this group in the meantime, you
will have a pretty good idea of what type of unicycling you prefer (if
any, I should add for formal reasons only). Then it’s time to buy a
better unicycle, geared towards what you want. (Keep the old one as a

For an adult starter, 20" and 24" are about equally good. I would
slightly favour 20" to learn on but 24" is more versatile in that it
can cover some distance too. For children, 20" is definitely better
suited (as a starter).

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All I have to say is, the schwinn is NOT reccomened at all, in any way by me. mainly for the lack of adjustablity in the seat and the weight.

the torker unistars are pretty decent for starters, and will probably last awhile. except the seat post clamp has a tendncy of snapping. but they’re cheap to replace.