First unicycle

Hey guys, I’m new to the site and sport and am looking for my first unicycle. I’m looking for something that is going to last and be versatile while being fun to ride without spending a ton (trying not to break $200). I was thinking probably 20 on the wheel but am open to suggestions.

I know this has probably been asked before but I haven’t found what I’m looking for using search. Can anyone help?


I would suggest a 20" Torker LX. For what you’ll be doing it will last and will stand up to most things. It’s a good learner uni that will help you progress into learning some of the basic things (Idling, hopping, dropping, etc.) and won’t break the bank or itself very easily. It is rather heavy, but when doing stuff that it would be able to consistently stand up to, it won’t matter much.

Remember it won’t be able to last when you’re doing any gnarly stuff, so stick to the basics on it and maybe upgrade to a better uni when the time is right.

Yeah, I had been considerring that one but had heard some issues regarding it’s reliability under pressure. Perhaps that’s because people were over stepping it’s potential though and I doubt I’m going to go Muni with it when I get it :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the response. :smiley:

I agree with the Torker LX or would suggest just a bit more $ to get a Nimbus II. I think the 20" is in the low $200 range

Thanks for the advice! I went ahead and went with the Torker LX though. Found a pretty good price on one (about $110) and figured that by the time my skill level advances enough to the point that I might break it or something I would have a better idea of what I wanted for what I need to do.

Thanks a lot guys, I’ll be sure to let you guys know how this new adventures plays out as soon as the postal service comes through :smiley:

I DESTROYED my LX after like 3 months… The rim bent all over and the cranks bent in… So!! you should sell it before you start getting to “extreme” 3+ stairs… They aren’t very strong. But it was easy to learn on! GOOd LUCK!!!

theres like a hundered threads like these

That may be true, but some of the new forum users haven’t found, or know how to use correctly, the search function. Give it some time.

And Justin, for what he’ll be doing for the first while, the Torker would last. So long as he isn’t doing any big drops or putting a ton of stress on it, he shouldn’t experience a ton of problems terribly quickly. If you’re going to be doing things that will stress your uni a lot just buck up and get a KH - every one knows that you can’t do medium-high level stuff on a Torker.

But for learning the basics, the Torker is perfect. Good weight, build, etc.
And cranks can be replaced for better ones.

Another bit of advice: buy used. Torkers recycle for about half the price of a new uni. And even if you destroy your LX eventually you won’t feel half as bad spending $60 than spending $120.

[EDIT] looks like you’ve already bought a new one. Oh well, this is exactly what I did in February. I should have checked craigslist first :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know what you mean. I buy a lot of stuff second hand for the same reason. I just couldn’t find any used ones floating around locally on craigslist or anything. Apparently there are very few unicyclists in my area. I think I only know of one other actually.

Maybe it’ll catch on though.