First time unicycler advice

I know you guys love these threads… :wink: So I’ve been lurking the boards for a few days reading but I still would like some advice, especially since some of these threads are several months or a couple years old you may have some newer product recommendations.

Here are the ‘person specs’:

-Located in Western Canada
-beginner/first time rider(s)
-height 5’2 to 5’6, 100-135lbs (multiple lighter-set adults will be learning to ride)

-ease of learning to ride is first priority, but would like the option
of being able to do freestyle and or street “tricks”, after the initial
mastery of basic uni riding (however long that will take). light hops
or drops from less than 3-4 feet as well. not too extreme trials.

-longevity is also quite important as I’m willing to spend a fair amount and
would like it to last for a while.

-price range: under $300cdn


Nimbus X 20" from UDC – $215cdn (shipping inc.) + border duties
Nimbus II 20" from UDC – $230cdn (shipping inc.) + border duties

^ according to posts here these are great ‘learners’ and good for freestyle but i got the impression they were too ‘weak’ to do any sort of trial or hopping(?)

Bedford Light Duty Trials – $250 cdn + shipping (quote from Darren)

^ also positively regarded as a great unicycle, but i read some concern about
their weakness for any trials, even minor drops.

'07 Torker DX 20" from Ebay – ~$245cdn + $45cdn shipping (+ duties…)

^ built like a tank, can take punishment. very well regarded, recommended in most cases as a “budget minded” uni that is also very good and tough.

I realize that there is no real “all-around” uni and that your “style of riding” dictates the uni you will get. I’m leaning towards the Torker DX since it is durable for street and trials, but is it still good for freestyle type tricks? What characteristics make a good freestyle uni?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

I do freestyle on my DX, so its fine, jsut dont expect to be doing pirouettes.

I’ve never seen one

So I can’t say how tough this uni is. It seems like a nice light (10 lb. , alum frame) uni. Maybe great for learning and free style. Maybe consider a 24. I find the 24 is easier (funner, faster) for the typical starting rider to explore the neighborhood on. :slight_smile:

I was kidding

Really you should buy a KH from A E Bike.:slight_smile:

uhm… just get the DX, you can do massive drops, trials uni are fine for learning, loads of people have learnt on my koxx red devil.

and if you get bored o fthe sport the DX is the only one that will have a little bit of value left.

The DX, get it, it is a great uni.
Never get drunk on a unicycle while learning…look it up on youtube…

only problem with that one is the rounded crown you want a flat on so you can put you’r foot on it easilly.

i like the nimbus X 20" longneck

the crank arms will break if you try hardcore trials, but it is awsome for freestyle/flatland, and will hold up to 2ft drops or so doing trials…
if you ever get into hard-core trials you can always buy some KH moment crank arms for it…

its set up great for begginers…i learned to ride one -footed in 2 hours on mine…

wheelwalking in a week…

and it only weights 10lbs!!!


and you would have to get a moment hub.

but the nimbus X is a good solid uni

Thanks for the input, guys. I’m going to go with the DX. :smiley: