First Time Uni Build

I have just begun my first unicycle build. Steel as that’s the material I work with. This will take some time and a number of posts with photos and some description. For starters here’s a shot of the seat post binder collars I made today. Two you ask? Stay tuned for the answer. Andy


Cool! If you did two, then I’m guessing it is either a tandem or a V-frame (with an adjustable handlebar post).


I’m also curious: why not just braze the clamp directly onto your post? I’ve done this on several frames and handlebars; it saves a bit of weight. It does sacrifice the flexibility of trimming the post down for shorter people.

I got the fork’s lower legs brazed to the bearing caps. Very happy with the brazing but should have aligned the cap clamp tabs more perpendicular to the legs. Won’t make a functional difference but is one of those things that I will always think of when I look at them.
I spaced the upper cap (the one to be brazed to the leg) off of my jig bearing feature to have less heat lost to the jig.
Next up is the tops of the legs and the “crown”. Andy