First Time MUni Ride

This is my first time ever doing mountain unicycling. This is my new 29" Nimbus Oracle.

Feel free to leave me some tips or share some of your videos!


Thanks for the video. It’s always inspiring to see others.
Learn to ride with one hand on the saddle (or a short handlebar). This will give an improved connection with the uni.
Then try lowering your saddle a bit. You will benefit to have the saddle slightly lower than for road riding so you are able to stand up from the saddle to absorb bumps.


You are doing it! Keep grinding and it’ll get better and better. I agree with Hammer regarding a short handle or the seat. You don’t need it right now necessarily, but when you do go that route it’ll change things.

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Thanks for the advice! This is actually as low as it goes at the moment. Believe it or not, I had to cut the seatpost down with a hacksaw because it was too high! I’ll cut it again and see how it turns out.

Well, you are 15 so maybe your legs will get longer :slight_smile:
Keep at it. I’d also suggest gloves or wrist guards and something to cover your knees.

Also, learn to dismount off the back elegantly.
You’ve got this!

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That was great to see and with a little more practice things will only get better and easier.

As others have said, a handle will help a lot, and try to use some pipe cutters to cut the seat post, they’ll do a far better job than a hacksaw.

Good job!
+1 with @Gockie knee pads and gloves will help a lot!
Also, you can get air out of your tyre. Off road, it’ll help absorb the little bump and will give better traction. I run mine at 1bar/15psi and I’m a bigger guy than you.

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Very well done for your first muni ride! :+1:
I agree with the safety gears, saddle height and tire pressure. I do not get my pressure as low as @pierrox, but I run a smaller tire (26x2.4") and had pinch flats already. I regard it as an indicator if all the knobs are touching the ground when I weight the uni, others measure the pressure. It depends on your style and type of riding, weight, ground conditions… Try playing with tire pressure.
Keep it up, it will improve with every ride!


Yeah, good idea.

Nice video!

btw, I have done all my seat post cutoffs with a hacksaw and file, without any problems.

I definitely agree with others on the value of good hand protection.

Regarding the handle, I’m not so sure as the other commentators. After all, there is a handle built into the seat, and one can (must!) use it when the going gets bumpy or steep, however there is a joy in using the arms sometimes held out as if holding and “steering” with imaginary handlebars or dropping an arm to one side (as opposed to frantically waving them about). I reckon that could be a lost art for those who too quickly add and then constantly use an extra handle.

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Here are some videos I took last weekend on my KH29"
I’ve only recently starting to try Muni…Just done a bit of riding on bush paths with tree roots.
Anyways here is my attempts at video editing. (my kids are playing in the sand just out of camera shot)


Nice! You have some good control!